Kerala, the most literate state in India, has the envious position of being one of the top places in the health and wellness indices of international organizations and is one of the most sought after destinations in global tourism. The highly educated, hygiene-conscious and well-mannered Malayalees easily reach the highest positions in the institutions that employ them in India and abroad. Kerala could have developed like Singapore or Taiwan, but for the political and economic limitations and restrictions it is subjected to under the federal system inside a backward country.

Here we shall come together to break the trammels on the growth of Kerala, placed by ‘the North Indian Masters of Independent India’ who took away the special status that had been accorded to Travancore-Cochin princely states and squarely dumped Kerala into the dustbin of political and economic marginalization. All the big projects under central funding went into the unfathomable depths of poverty in the ‘heartland’ and in some ‘favored spots’ outside the heartland. The kick-offs went into the dark treasure troves of the now-infamous Swiss Banks.

Now, when issues like the Mullaperiyar Dam are discussed, the people in control of our nation, like the Prime Minister and Chairperson of UPA, have nothing to say about it and does not raise even their little fingers to initiate a rescue operation or find a viable solution. The phrase sub judice has become a face-mask behind which they can conveniently hide their blanched faces.

We are planning to tear the masks off the faces of our rulers including the leaders of the ruling party from our state who have found comfortable berths in the Central Ministry and are afraid to open their mouths for fear of losing their ‘most-favored person’ status. We want to save the lives of the people of Kerala and the livelihood of the farmers of Tamil Nadu who feed Kerala, though at a cost, the people of Kerala with the sweat of their brow. We want to unify all the forces that support Kerala, that support the common man of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and that support all struggles for justice and truth, without distinctions of caste, creed, language, political affiliations and economic status.

Join SUPPORT KERALA and join in the fight for truth and justice.


Striving for the spread of objective truth in all disputes, we envision a world where all people of all lands live in harmony and strive towards sustainable growth and development and enjoy the fruits of a better morrow equitably, without distinctions based on caste, creed, economic status, social position or locality.


The mission is to unite all forces that work towards the realization of objective truth through amicable and peaceful means. All issues will be explained objectively, discussed thoroughly and efforts will be made to arrive at solutions that are satisfactory to all parties who are genuinely interested in arriving at a solution.

  • The following are the prime objectives of this Campaign:
  • Work for the union of all the people of Kerala and Tamil Nadu
  • Campaign for sustained growth and development of the whole nation
  • Work for the spread and support of objective truth in all disputes
  • Campaign against the propagandists of hate and parochialism
  • Stop the repeat of a Banqiao model catastrophe anywhere in the world.
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