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Dear Keralites,
The elite Kerala sugar daddies@skynet anonymously resolved to construct a check dam to collect the urine from Iyyappa peedam to be mixed with Idukki Reservoir waters to distribute to all Keralites to decimate the neighbors. Join this holy shit war.

Pattom Thanu Pillai.
contact: 999 999 999.
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 11:03:16 PM
  • Pattom Thanu Pillai, Pattom-India
You tamils have no brain at all, this blog is to support kerela and you stupid dumb ass posting shits.


Kerala Government has every right to make their own decisions when it comes to building a DAM

YOU Tamil Men who posted previous stupid posts you lot are idiot don't understand whats going on.

Kerala government is giving a promise that they will give water but you lot don't understand. The tamilnadu stategovernment is playing a game.

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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 10:56:37 PM
  • Asraf Yusuf, London-United Kingdom
How to kill Tamils..
How to abuse women
read this article:தப்பி

Let we learn from Mallus to chase the same way mallus are doing to all keralites resding in TN.
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 10:39:54 PM
  • Mallu Killers, Kerala-India
വായിക്കൂ സുഹൃത്തുകളെ ....വിവരമുള്ള, കാര്യങ്ങള്ളുടെ നിജ സ്ഥിതി തുറന്നു പറയാന്‍ ചങ്കൂറ്റമുള്ള തമിഴന്മാരും ഇവിടെയുണ്ട്......

Jaichand Prabhu
I went to sabarimala last weekend and I couldn’t find any strange behaviors against tamilians who visit sabarimala. I meet with different kind of ppl, a kerala cab driver, bus conductor, hotel waiter, police man, shopkeeper etc, everyone is so kind even they knew I am from tamilnadu… one or two rouges shld have thrown stones on busses/vehicles from tamilnadu and some irresponsible media makes this senseless issue into a sensible one. What I witnessed was! Kerala is same good as it was, as I am visiting it for the past 12 years,,,
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 09:44:25 PM
  • reji puthooran, doha-Qatar
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 09:27:20 PM
  • reji puthooran, doha-Qatar
Ayyo appaa ..ayayyoo appaa...
Ayyo appaa ..ayayyoo appaa...
Ayyo appaa ..ayayyoo appaa...
Ayyo appaa ..ayayyoo appaa...
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 08:03:48 PM
  • Iyyappan999 Ayyo, Sabarimalam-India
You malayalees start threatening from distance, when you come close behaving like a dog, how come you people are acting without make up ? All industrialist know about your people character that's why not investing in your state, because you guys are great looters and liars.
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 07:04:59 PM
  • lord muruga, algiers-Algeria
Support Kerala management, don't threaten the blog users with IP and bla bla. First we will complain against this site, because you are making propaganda against the supreme court judgement. who gave you this right ? when you can have the right to publish any lies, any common citizen have every right to scold you. First you stop publishing the lies. If you touch the dam, you will see the malayaless will be in tamilnadu streets, we will kick them out.
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 06:44:24 PM
  • lord muruga, algeirs-Algeria
Support Kerala management, better than advising or threatening this blog users, go and advice your stupid kerala politicians who made you all to bark in the street. In kerala is there any government ?
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 06:35:53 PM
  • lord muruga, algiers-Algeria
Kerala people please read this,
The Grand Anicut, also known as the Kallanai (Tamil: கல்லணை) (kall -stone, anai-bund), is an ancient dam built on the Kaveri River in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India.It was built by the Chola king Karikalan around the 2nd Century AD[1][2] and is considered one of the oldest water-diversion or water-regulator structures in the world, which is still in use.[3][4]
Kallanai Built By Karikalan, A Chola King. (This image also shows 19th century additions to the ancient dam)

The Kaveri River forms the boundary between the Erode and Salem districts. The Bhavani River joins the Kaveri at the town of Bhavani, where the Sangameswarar Temple, an important pilgrimage spot in Tamil Nadu, was built at the confluence of the two rivers. Sweeping past the historic rock of Tiruchirapalli, it breaks into two channels at the island of Srirangam, which enclose between them the delta of Thanjavur (Tanjore), the garden of Tamil Nadu. The northern channel is called the Kollidam (Kolidam); the other preserves the name of Kaveri, and empties into the Bay of Bengal at Poompuhar, a few hundred miles south of Chennai (Madras). On the seaward face of its delta are the seaports of Nagapattinam and Karaikal.[5] Irrigation works have been constructed in the delta for over 2,000 years.
The Dam During Drought Season

The Kallanai is a dam made with unhewn stone, 329 m (1,079 ft) long, 20 m (66 ft) wide and 5.4 m (18 ft) high, across the main stream of the Kaveri.[6] The purpose of the dam was to divert the waters of the Kaveri across the fertile delta region for irrigation via canals. The dam is still in excellent repair, and supplied a model to later engineers, including the Sir Arthur Cotton's 19th-century dam across the Kollidam, the major tributary of the Kaveri.[7] The area irrigated by the ancient irrigation network is about 69,000 acres (28,000 ha). By the early 20th century, the irrigated area had been increased to about one million acres.[8]

Recently the Delta farmers of Tamil Nadu demanded the Tamil Nadu government honour the great Chola king Karikala Cholan, who built the Kallanai.[9]
Check this link for reference:
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 05:33:25 PM
  • Tamilan , Chennai-India
<i> </i> STOP abusing others we have traced your IP and services from Tata Tele Services . Appoligise from the same IP or Your case will be booked under cyber crime part no.18a, 16b
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 04:08:19 PM
Karthikeyan, we know that you are the street dog from kerala... don't bark in the fake name like coward... better shut ur mouth and advise your kerala politicians to stop this issue.
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 01:05:33 PM
  • P J Thomas Therunaai, Cochin-India
Dear Friends,

Let we don't fight like street dogs. Keralites are our brothers only. They are paying and taking food grains from our place. Does not mean that they are begging to us. We should not bark like illiterate politions. We shall pray for a better tomorrow.
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 12:59:00 PM
  • G R Karthikeyan , Chennai-India
Your site will hacked by our Terrorist team.... Also your secretariat will be hijacked..
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 12:57:48 PM
  • Osama Bin Ladan , Islamabath-Pakistan
Mallu are woprld famous for their cunningness. All the best cunning guys.....afterall, you people are begging your food from tamilnadu......remember, your politicians will make all the mallus suffer.....
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 12:44:14 PM
  • Thamizhan , Chennai-India
Dear Malayaalis,
now a days all malayalis behave like an idiot, actually our malayaalis only attacking tamil people on kerala so, there is no problem in tamilnadu for malayalis by tamilan.
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 12:41:25 PM
  • koriakos thomas, london-Armenia
This site will be hacked by today by Tamilians. You cant stop this.
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 11:39:13 AM
  • Veerappan , bangalore-India
Hi Save the dam . Dont Distroied the dam. Its safe for u also.
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 11:38:37 AM
  • Tamilan tamilan, Tamilnadu-India
Dear Malayalees,
The Tamils are spread all over Iduki, Palakkadu, Thiruvananthapuram districts. So, We want bring back this districts to Tamilnadu. Muslims want Mlabar area. So, Kerala's capital is shifted to Ernakulam. The Indian Government first dismiss the Kerala Mafia Government and abolished the state status of Kerala and create a Union Terittory.
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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 11:02:53 AM
  • Tamilan ,India
Don Ashok
To our fellow Indians…

So far you have been made to believe what the Keralites driven indian media wanted you to believe. They have forcefully inserted their opinions about Mullai Periyaru issue in the minds of people, with no factual evidence. But here I have provided you with FACTS, out of which I want you to make an opinion on your own, based on the facts and FACTS only!

The two main questions raised to Tamilnadu are,

1)”Is it not dangerous to rely on MP dam which is now 116 years old? How long it can sustain?”
2)”The Government of Kerala, after building the proposed new dam, has promised to provide tamilnadu with the same quantity of water it provides now. But then, why Tamilnadu is so adamant in not accepting the offer?"

Before answering these, there are a few facts you must know about the MP dam.

1) It was built in 1895 in an area of 8000 acres that belonged to Travancore Kingdom. So a pact was made and according to that, the place was leased for 999 years with a rent of 40000rs per year. And the dam built in that area would belong to Tamilnadu and the place would belong to the kingdom of Travancore, which is now the state of kerala.

2) The important point to be noted is that, a part of Periyaru (river) originates in Tamilnadu and then it travels 47kms to join mullayaru originating in the western Ghats of kerala. And again, please remember that a part of the river and the whole dam (including operational rights) belongs to Tamilnadu! But unfortunately, since the dam is situated in the place belonging to Kerala, the dam and the operations is dominated by the Kerala government for many years now.

3) The MP dam can hold water up to 152 feet or 15.66TMC out of which only 10TMC can be used. The remaining is dead storage. Approximately 2,08,000 acres of agricultural land in the districts of Madurai, Theni, Ramanathapuram, sivagangai which includes more than 10lacs farmers, solely depend on MP dam for water and there is NO other source! And also, around 60Lac civilians count on the water from MP dam for their drinking purpose. So obviously water from MP Dam is the lifeline for more 1/7th of the whole Tamilnadu population. So depriving water from MP dam would make the area a desert and would take away the only source of their living.

Now, why this sudden propaganda about the weakness of the dam? Why all this havoc?

1)In the year of 1976, Kerala built a dam in Idikki (Idikki dam) which has a capacity of more than 7 times that of MP dam, i.e 70TMC.
2) But unfortunately Idikki dam could never be filled because MP dam was in its way and it got filled year after year for three years. This was not anticipated by the kerala government. And obviously they got disappointed.

3)Immediately in 1979 a call to demolish Mullai Periyaru Dam was raised by kerala, stating that the dam was weak and if it explodes, 35lakhs people would die of flood!

A new dam! Is is not a favor for tamilnadu?

1) If mullai periyaru is demolished, the water would straight away fill idikki dam and it will fulfill its purpose.

2) But Mullaiperiyaru cannot be demolished without proposing an alternative. So kerala formulated an idea for a new dam, which is ridiculous and practically of zero value to Tamilnadu..

3) The idea for a new dam is just an eye wash. The proposed place to build the new dam is at a height of 1853feet from sea level. Whereas the MP dam is at a height of 2861feet from the Sea level. Meanwhile, the water pathway from MP dam is artificially made by digging caves through mountains and due to the sky scrapping height at which MP dam is situated, though there are many hurdles, the water travels many kilometers and reaches the vaigai river in Tamilnadu. But this cannot happen with the proposed new dam. Even if the Kerala government wanted to provide Tamilnadu with water, they could not because of the natural barriers.

What if Mullai periyaru is really weak? How could somebody take such a big a risk?

Even for the sake of argument, if we assumed that MP is weak and it would explode, the water released will straight away reach Idikki dam which is at a very lower altitude. There are no cities or villages in between this mountainous terrain pathway, and what kerala states about the loss of lives and all is utter nonsense.

Facts and Repair procedures:

1) As kerala claims, MP Dam is not just a dam built of lime stone. In the year of 1933, 50 ton cement was injected to strengthen the dam. And again in the year 1960, 500 ton cement mixture was injected.

2) In the year of 2000 supreme court ordered a commission to evaluate the MP dam and according to that commission, tamilnadu did used the latest anchoring technology and injected concrete mixture. And also a concrete shield was constructed over the entire outer structure of the dam. Literally a new concrete dam was built.

3) After all these procedures, supreme court evaluated the dam and was very much impressed with the strength of the dam and ordered to raise the storage level to 156feet on 27/02/2006.

4) As an immediate reaction to this, Kerala passed a resolution in its assembly which not only disregarded the order but also was very much against the order of the Supreme Court. Now again Tamilnadu has reached the supreme court for justice. Anticipating a Judgement against them, kerala has created all these false propaganda and havoc which is puncturing the brotherly relationship between the people of two states.

Now my dear Indians! These are facts! Decide yourselves. Cross check these facts and choose your side. Support us in our farmers’ plea for their livelihood. I don’t think kerala politicians are technically stronger than the commission appointed by the supreme court to evaluate the MP Dam. Kerala has openly challenged the supreme court which is the highest authority and the deciding factor of our country.

The photo you see above is not of some African country. It was shot during a famine (1876-78) in tamilnadu. Only after this famine, Benny Quik decided to build the Mullai periyaru dam and saved millions of lives. If Tamilnadu loses the MP Dam now, it would face such a famine once again! Please support us and help us save the dam. Share this link. Thank you!

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  • Wed 21st of Dec 2011 10:48:55 AM
  • askyourself
Media on Mullapperiyar