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We need strong decision to solve this problem. Now we know that the politicians are playing. This is not good to solve Mullaperyar issues.
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  • Tue 27th of Dec 2011 07:09:51 AM
  • Johnson T John Saju, Palakkad-India
Let us assume that the dam is a real danger according to kerala politicians. They claim that they are ready to spend 40000 crores to build new dam. If so, why should they wait. Let them go ahead and build one right next to mullai periyar river, right next to the dam. Even if this dam breaks, their new dam will protect them. Why don't they do that. Why they keep demanding break the existing dam and then build a new one. That clearly proves their cunningness. What a clever and cunning tactic it is by keralites to deny water with out explicitly saying that they deny water!? Why no keralite, the so called 100% literates ask this question to your government. All games! Eventually 5 million innocent farmers in tamilnadu are going to die with out water! I've never seen this level of cunningness in any other ethnicity! GOD SAVE TAMILNADU & INDIA FROM KERALITES!
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  • Tue 27th of Dec 2011 05:41:20 AM
  • vijay
Keralites are highly self centred, mischievous, cunning and venomous in nature. All are incorrigible liars and have scant respect for other's feelings and life. This time we must give them a fitting response swiftly so that they won't dare to touch us next time. Our people should never buy anything from Malayalee run enterprises. I also appeal to our Tamil community not to go to Sabarimalai as we have plenty of Temples here in Tamilnadu. Slowly we should wipe them out from Tamilnadu as they are parasites.
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 08:17:03 PM
  • Lawrance , coimbatore-India
SUPPORT US.........SAVE US..... SHARE THIS......
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 07:27:30 PM
  • dhanoop kumarac, Pathanamthitta-India
Kindly allow kerala to construct a new dam at the proposed site of Mullaperiyar just to save 5 lakhs innocent lives. We need lives and we sahall pay water instead of it.
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 06:29:09 PM
  • thomas naduvilekara, kozhikode-India
I try my level best to save our gods own on counry............................................................
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 06:05:54 PM
  • manu km, kumily-India
The issue raised by Kerala is not against the existence of any of our Tamil friends, but in the interest to save millions of human life. The chances of a possible disaster, let it be even the slightest, must not be disragarded as the impact will be the most horrible in human history. Why someone wants to take a chance?
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 04:54:40 PM
  • Sunil Mathew, Dubai-United Arab Emirates
Mullaperiar controversy must be used as a catalyst and opportunity by Keralites to shed their laziness and to attain self -reliance. We should spread a message to every household about the need of cultivating a kitchen garden to grow vegitable for their daily family requirement. Every family can become self-sufficient in this field within 3 months if they take some sincere efforts. Even after resolving the dam issue, it will be beneficial. It will also control the price rise in the state. Nobody can then blackmail us by imposing blockade in the state border. I appeal to the students and youths of Kerala to spread this message to every houses, schools and colleges through public campaign. Now let's start some creative work for the benefit of the society.
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 03:44:08 PM
Mullaperiyar issue is very delicate, If handled emotionally it would make far reaching damage to the mutual relation with Kerala and Tamilnadu. Both these states have much in common. We should not make the people fight one another on this issue. The central govt. should intervene and find an amicable solution.
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 03:07:13 PM
  • Varghese Pavu, Calicut-India
save lives when we can, when still time is left.
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 03:01:41 PM
  • harish v s, trivandrum-India
we want new dam
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 02:02:23 PM
  • Divya Raj, tvm-India
whatever the cost may be we cannot let the arrogance of take away the life of over 30 lakh people. -the word of a human being
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 02:01:00 PM
  • hari balachandran, tvpm-India
please not fight together and take immediate action
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 01:58:39 PM
  • Divya Raj R S, trivandrum-India
I will support for this cause with all my strength and resources, because this fight is for the right to life. Please boycott everything produced from Tamil Nadu.
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 01:38:27 PM
  • Joy Innocent, London-United Kingdom
plz. wait sup. court order
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 01:06:30 PM
  • sekar , ernakulam-India
plz. wait sup. court order
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 01:05:49 PM
  • sekar , ernakulam-India
let us all hope kerala a wonderfull victory
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 01:00:36 PM
  • nithin , washington dc-United States
let us all hope kerala a wonderfull victory
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 01:00:32 PM
  • nithin , washington dc-United States
Till the very moment we get justice, we fight
Jaypee pandalam
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 11:31:17 AM
  • Jaypee Kollirethu, Pandalam-India
A new Dam should be made without any delay till then the water level should be reduced to 100 feet, and a new agreement should also be made (especially for the maintenance & security of the Dam) , As well as we are ready to give the water to Tamil Nadu as per the existing quantity or more , but we want the safety and security for our life and wealth. Why these politicians and some Mullaperiyar protest leaders are changing their stand from our demand for a new DAM ? It is only the cheating to the all Kerlaites , Why don't we get the protection of our constitutional right to live in our country without fear ? It should be answered by the all political parties .
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  • Mon 26th of Dec 2011 11:17:00 AM
  • RAJ NC, Kottayam-India
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