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  • Fri 30th of Dec 2011 12:53:39 PM
We pledge to be dedicating our lives towards the welfare of our brothers.
We assert that there is a need of new dam in mullaperiyar.
And we will not sit idle as long as the selfish tamilnadu government which makes gains of crores of ruppees by cheating the keralites
  • 64
  • 26
  • Fri 30th of Dec 2011 12:51:48 PM
  • Anandhu JB, Trivandrum-India
Nothing can be more important than the lives of millions. Kerala CM publicly says any written assurance can be given to Supreme Court or the Centre on regular supply of water to T Nadu on present level. If sorted between the states it will be a silverlining in similar water disputes in the country. After all the dam is bloody 116 year old .Hope politicians do rediate matured decisions for the sake unknown hapeless millions. Is any one listening
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  • Thu 29th of Dec 2011 10:33:05 PM
  • Ram krishna pillai, trivandrum-India
Solidarity to this movement for safeguarding the RIGHTS of a STATE in a FEDERAL frame work.
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  • 14
  • Thu 29th of Dec 2011 08:44:04 PM
  • Sanjeev prabhu, malappuram-India
Dont get surprised by their unreasonable allegiance to Malayalam & Kerala. Here are a few examples
1) Kasturirangan left ISRO leaving way for madhavan nair. How come suddenly ratha krishnan & the next in line (all malayalees)came to picutre. They will not leave this position for anybody now.
2)37 out of 57 grade 1 officers in PM office are malayalees. No tamilian can imagine to occupy any of these positions. No way they recommend malayali only for this position in future also.
3) one commentator during t20 match commented how can we call kochi as kerala team, when only 2 of them are malayalis. They are hardcore affiliates to their land & language. But we tamils feel ashamed to talk in tamil with a fellow tamilian.
They know that without eachother's support they cannot survive, so they will not permit other ethnic people to take root around them. You can see this wherever you go to their offices, including TN.
When tamils believe one should be faithful to his state and language but not at the cost of truth & integrity. But they do things that way. Even on the wrong side support malayali & kerala.
Dear Tamils, BOYCOTT KERALA & KERALA PRODUCTS IN TN & EVERYWHERE. ALL TAMILS SHOULD COME FORWARD & TAKE RESOLUTION THAT THEY WILL NEVER SUPPORT A KERALA BUSINESSMAN, HOWEVER FRIENDLY THEY ACT TO BE. Just remember that they are full of smile when u see them, means, they are digging a grave for you behind.
  • 39
  • 203
  • Thu 29th of Dec 2011 08:20:37 PM
  • Lawrance , Coimbatore-India
i think the dam is in danger...keralites have told that they will give enough water that tn wants....then wats the pblm in building a new dam?
  • 27
  • 60
  • Thu 29th of Dec 2011 11:08:39 AM
  • Nikhil , Banglore-India
I feel keralam is not situated in india
  • 4
  • 3
  • Wed 28th of Dec 2011 10:37:20 PM
  • shanavas T P, KODUNGALLUR-India
പുതിയ ടം കെട്ടണം എന്നത് വളരെ അത്യവിശമാണ് .
  • 70
  • 147
  • Wed 28th of Dec 2011 06:13:00 PM
  • sachins s kumar, trivandrum-India
If dam is unsafe then why the boating is not stopped by Govt of Kerala.
  • 82
  • 14
  • Wed 28th of Dec 2011 06:10:50 PM
  • Ram , Chennai-India
one simple solution for this DAMN issue, Centre has to declare this 8000 Acres Thekkafy and dam area as Union Terrotory and need to deploy Central forces. Then Centre has to plan for New Dam and has to be built and Govered by CWC. The new dam structure,Place capacity need to be same as now to ensure the same water supply to TN. Kerala also gets new Dam and TN also will get the water quantity as like before 1979.
  • 23
  • 41
  • Wed 28th of Dec 2011 02:29:59 PM
  • Ram Sasi, Delhi-India
built new dam and save 500000 peoples lives
  • 12
  • 26
  • Wed 28th of Dec 2011 12:58:26 PM
  • sachin s kumar, trivandrum-India
this cunning tamils are against the nuclear plant at kudamkulam which was built by the latest technology and they are saying the old dam built than 100 years has no danger......this shows their cunning nature...they dont want to risk their life at any cost..
  • 65
  • 131
  • Wed 28th of Dec 2011 12:31:31 PM
  • Indian , Trivandrum-India
This is our Great Nation, Socialist Republic of India. No Keralite or Tamilian. WE ALL ARE INDIANS, Brothers and Sisters.
  • 11
  • 16
  • Wed 28th of Dec 2011 09:48:09 AM
  • Joseph Thoduka, Bangalore-India
The silence of the National Media in the Mullapperiyar issue is a shame to our nation. They must give topmost coverage to the issue and if they do not do so our cable tv operators should cut these channels
  • 6
  • 6
  • Wed 28th of Dec 2011 12:16:49 AM
  • Bejoy Jose, Thiruvananthapuram-India
Gandhiji led India through his strike against britishers as his own policy of ahimsa , the people of kerala follows it now for 40 laksh lives. All should remind that Gandhi also did his strike in another way salt Sathayagraha, which means break the law; for humanity. without life what the use of law ,justice and court, my dear brave sons of India arise, awake and act until we win.If it necessary break the law for sake humanity and survival of democracy.
  • 118
  • 154
  • Tue 27th of Dec 2011 10:17:11 PM
  • sudhesh pillai, Kumily-India
Save 5000000 lives
  • 24
  • 44
  • Tue 27th of Dec 2011 09:06:00 PM
  • Liths Joy, Nedumkandam-India
Karnataka Peoples Full Support to Keralites to built new dam.
  • 4
  • 33
  • Tue 27th of Dec 2011 04:45:12 PM
  • Suresh Babu, Mysore-India
dez political parties are fooling us......
one strong decision.........
new dam
save us..........
  • 2
  • 28
  • Tue 27th of Dec 2011 04:04:33 PM
  • ARUN Mohan, cherthala-India
Lets find an amicable solution...
  • 0
  • 8
  • Tue 27th of Dec 2011 01:15:13 PM
  • Paul Jose, Bangalore-India
i'll try my level best to save my gods own country
  • 1
  • 65
  • Tue 27th of Dec 2011 07:16:15 AM
  • vishnu m lal, punalur-India
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